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Even high-end European autos have unexpected repair needs. Our team of experts is prepared to fix it all! Just listen out for all your engine’s warning signs. The sooner we can get a look under the hood, the easier you repair service will be. We pride ourselves on performing necessary repairs and saving you time and money.


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Every auto repair starts with an accurate diagnosis using state-of-the-art equipment. Coming to us first will ensure your repair service gets started on the right foot. Misdiagnoses and unnecessary repairs can be very expensive for owners.

Our Mission

Autobahn Motorwerks has you covered from bumper to bumper with the correct repair solutions. Hearing strange noises or smelling strange odors coming from your engine? We handle all of your complex engine repairs, including transmission repairs and replacements.


The Repair Services

Your brakes are the most important safety feature, as soon as you hear high-pitched squeals, or worse metal-on-metal grinding give our brake repair specialists a call. Your vehicle is always in good hands at Autobahn Motorwerks We have a complete list of repair services for all performance issues.


Our Dedication

Owners of the industry’s top-of-the-line European autos value our dedicated technicians. Knowing that our team is on the job allows them to relax. High-end foreign autos need high-end technicians and that’s exactly what our team is.


The Craftsmanship

If you’ve had your Audi or VW for longer than a day, you’re probably used to turning heads. We want you to turn heads because you’re in the fast lane, passing other motorists. Trusting the wrong auto repair shop will have you on the side of the road as other cars zoom past you.

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About Let us introduce ourselves. ﷯
About Let us introduce ourselves. ﷯
About Let us introduce ourselves. ﷯