Over 32 Years of Experience

If you are a Volkswagen or Audi owner, you can appreciate the precision design and engineering that went into the development of your car. Here at Autobahn Motorwerks we specialize in the upkeep and maintenance of these cars to keep them performing at their best.

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What It’s Really Like to Break Into the The Dealership Alternative

Even high-end European autos have unexpected repair needs. Our team of experts is prepared to fix it all! Just listen out for all your engine’s warning signs. The sooner we can get a look under the hood, the easier you repair service will be. We pride ourselves on performing necessary repairs and saving you time and money.

All Levels. Every Surface. Any Distance.

The beauty of having your car running smooth  is that it can be done in a variety of places, by people of all abilities, at distances both short and long. At Autobahn Motorwerks we take pride in what we do saving you time and money. 

Get the best repairs

Whether you need minor services for your brakes or major enginework, count on us to get it done right the first time.

Maintain your car

Keep your car running smoothly and potentially avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance services.

Get fast service

Most repairs can be performed on the SAME DAY for your convenience. We also give FREE advice.

Save money today

Don't pay dealer prices - come to us for the best service at low prices. Call now to schedule your appointment.