Like everything in life, your car performs better with some gentle TLC! Let Autobahn Motorwerks calibrate your vehicle into the best that it can be.


As an explanation.

Engine tuning is the adjustment, calibration of your car's engine or the tuning of its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It's done to create the best performance possible from your vehicle, to increase your engine's power, economy, and durability.


We proudly offer the complete complement of Malone custom tunes that have been written with for your specific VW or Audi vehicle.  For a perfect tune to your specific car, we have Data Log Tuning  which requires fixing any defects found, then fine tuning the ECU  to achieve optimal condition.  This takes a little longer than our house tunes but lets us focus on getting the most performance from your specific vehicle.


Some issues that are often corrected by performance tuning:


High elevation. We take into account elevation when creating a custom tune. We will adjust the tune to compensate for high elevation road trips. E.g. if you live at 3,000 feet but are traveling to an area with an elevation of 8,000 feet, your tune can be adjusted before you leave to compensate for the difference in altitude. We will also take into consideration the climate in which you drive. Hot climates affect intake your cars air temperature, which in turn affects how your car runs.

 Fuel efficiency. Our custom tuning will stabilize fuel flow and efficiency.

Factory flaws. For example, many 1998 and 1999 MK4 Volkswagen Golfs and Jettas and New Beetle TDIs have trouble starting if the coolant temp is warm. Our  tune will resolve this issue.

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